Marand signs long term agreement for supply of JSF Vertical Tails
04 March 2011

Marand signs long term agreement for supply of JSF Vertical Tails

The Managing Director of Marand, Mr. David Ellul, today announced the signing of a Long Term Agreement (LTA) with BAE Systems for the manufacture of Vertical Tails for the F35 Joint Strike Fighter. This LTA provides Marand with over $700 million of sales over a 20+ year period.

In signing the LTA, Mr. Ellul said, "This represents the culmination of many years of work and commitment by Marand to become a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art aerostructures. Marand has been very successful in manufacturing F-35 Tooling and F-35 Engine Trailers. These programs and the cooperation given to us by our BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin customers have provided us with a great platform to enter the aerostructures business with the manufacture of the F-35 Vertical Tails."

Planning for the Vertical Tails is already well advanced at Marand and major capital equipment is on order to support deliveries commencing in 2013.

Mr. Ellul also expressed his thanks to the Federal and Victorian Governments, who have been consistent supporters of Australian industry involvement in the F-35 Program. With substantial financial assistance from the Victorian Government, Marand plans to set up a new facility in the Geelong area to manufacture the Vertical Tails.

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