Marand provides safer working environment for Chinese truck plant worker

The Challenge :

The turn-key development of a main framing facility for the assembly of five N07 truck variants, including process development, simultaneous engineering, design & low-cost manufacture.  To improve on previous facilities where loading of the major sub-assemblies (underbody, front wall, bodysides, rear wall & roof) was done by hand, a system was required for loading the framing fixtures semi-automatically.  The integration of Siemens PLC and ABB robots were required by the customer.

The Solution provided :

The framing strategy required six stations with flexible tooling to accommodate the five different model variants, to achieve the planned production volumes.  A walking beam transfer system moved the bodies between stations and in addition to one riveting robot, six spot welding robots where required across two stations for respot operations.  A sophisticated overhead transfer system loaded the major sub-assemblies into the framing fixtures, removing the requirement for any manual handling by the operators.  The transfer fixtures for the rear wall & roof sub-assemblies formed an integral part of the framing process, accurately locating the panel and remaining in place during the assembly process.  Although the end user was in China, this system was implemented maintaining Australian levels of safety.

The Outcome :

Through the combination of engineering & design in Australia, low-cost manufacture & tryout in Thailand, and installation and commissioning in China, the main framing system was successfully delivered to the customer.  The semi-automatic loading system of the major sub-assemblies removed the ergonomic and safety concerns associated with manual loading associated with previous facilities.

The Customer :


China National Heavy Truck Corporation (Sinotruk) is the largest Heavy Truck manufacture in China, with annual volumes exceeding 150,000 units.  Headquarters and primary manufacturing facilities are located in Jinan city, Shandong province.