Marand provides the local expertise to provide GM Holden with their new body-shop

The Challenge :

When GM Holden engaged a German design company to complete the Body-shop south upgrade for 6 different models on 3 different under-body platforms. That company Edag turned to Marand as the local experts in manufacturing and installation to assist them in delivering the complex integrated project which required all 6 models to run through the one main production line. Marand were chosen due to their size and successful history in delivering similar equipment programs to Ford, Holden and Toyota. Edag required a local company large enough to support all the equipment manufacturing and installation activities with the under-body, marriage and body-sides lines. Marand provided a turn-key solution for these activities.

The Solution provided :

Verified through simulation, the flexible solution involved new flexible robotic body-sides and robotic under-body build and marriage assembly facilities, combined with upgrades and relocations to the existing equipment while maintaining current production. The solution comprised a total of 33 robots, 205 weld-gun installations, in excess of 60 combination assembly fixtures all supported by over 100 Tonnes of structural steelwork. The installation was completed without interruption or loss to Holden’s current production operations.

The Outcome :

With the exception of the framing cell the entire body-shop south project was manufactured locally in Australia and through Marand’s project management and supply chain enabled many smaller engineering and manufacturing firms to be involved in a project they would normally get the opportunity to participate in.
As a complete team effort involving Holden, Edag, Marand and others, all equipment was successfully installed, integrated and commissioned and the south body shop was launched into mass production in 2005.

The Customer :


The history of Holden dates back to 1856 when it started as a saddlery business in South Australia. Today Holden is one of only seven fully-integrated global General Motors operations that designs, builds and sells vehicles for Australia and the world. Holden has its headquarters in Port Melbourne, with an engine manufacturing plant on-site and vehicle manufacturing operations in Adelaide South Australia and is represented by more than 300 dealerships. Holden's Vehicle Operations produce 42 models from four vehicle body styles for domestic and export customers. For the Australian market, the facility produces the Commodore range of sedans, Sportwagon and Ute together with Caprice long-wheel base luxury vehicles. HVO includes a press plant and metal assembly operation, body hardware facility, paint shop, plastics operation, body assembly and vehicle assembly operations.

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