Marand Robots and Automation makes blasting safer

The Challenge :

Traditional shot blasting systems have inherent dangers when applied as a manual process using human operators, the environment is slippery and includes other risks relating to high velocity media and dust. During a buy off visit while supplying other custom equipment to Matrix Composites, the Marand strength and capabilities in robotic and automation solutions were realised by the customer. The Matrix management team then explained the issues they were having with their manual shot blasting process and requested a robotic application proposal to be submitted that would address each of the identified issues. The solution required automated shot blasting of composite components up to 6metres in length.

The Solution provided :

The Marand team set to work on preparing a concept proposal which ultimately resulted in the successful design and engineering of a flexible automation system utilising a 6 axis robot to automate the shot blasting of the composite components up to 6 metres in length to create a key for retaining the coating process they were to receive. Marand designed and manufactured a customised robust linear 7th axis track to handle the harsh environment that it was to be implemented in. The linear axis supports and traverses a heavy payload robotic arm that focuses a shot blasting gun at the components to create the required key.

The Outcome :

The complete system was engineered and manufactured in-house at the Marand Moorabbin facility in Victoria. Marand completed the assembly and trials at Moorabbin prior to packing and shipping to Perth where the same Marand team installed and commissioned the system into service for Matrix. The robot arm and linear axis continues to cater for the range of composite components that are run through the system.

The Customer :

Matrix Composites and Engineering

Matrix Composites & Engineering is a manufacturer of specialised, engineered products and service provider to the offshore oil & gas and iron ore industry. Located in Perth, Western Australia the Matrix group provides engineered products, services and product solutions to the local and global customers.